Born in St-Petersburg, Russia on January 21st, 1975.
Moved to New York in 1994
In 2000 graduated from Brooklyn College, (bachelor of Arts) with emphasis on film.
In 2002 produced two animated music videos for British musician Stephen Coates also known as (The Real) Tuesday Weld or the Clerkenwell Kid.
One of the films, "Bathtime in Clerkenwell" received recognition and awards in many film festivals around the world
In 2003 produced three animated promos.
In 2004 completed 4 minute animated music film based on a song "Brazil" by Geoff Muldaur and 75 sec educational music animation for children, commissioned by MaGiC Studios
In 2004-2005 created four commercial ads for an advertising campaign of energetic drink Lucozade in UK
In 2006 competed animated music video based on Jim Avignon's song "Jukebox" and his original drawings. Jim Avignon is considered the pioneer of a new generation of pop artists. A lauded and much-respected cult figure in Techno subculture in Berlin.
In 2007 created 5 one minute educational animations for little kids with company Lilipip which is based in Seattle, also made an animated short "Guitar birds" commissioned by Sesame street and commercial ad for Greenpeace. In September completed a new music video for The Real Tuesday Weld a 4 minute animation called "Last Time in Clerkenwell", which is a second episode of "Bathtime in Clerkenwell", made 5 years earlier.

"Terminally Ambivalent Over You"   (2002).  3min 15 seconds.
Animated Music Video
This film is based on Stephen Coates\' song from the album "When Psyche meets Cupid". The animation tells a story of a prisoner who works in a prison\'s gramophone factory and while assembling gramophones thinks of his girlfriend.
Official Selection at Krok international animated films festival 2003 (Russia/Ukraine) and Ottawa student film festival 2003
Animation by Alex Budovsky
Music by "(The Real) Tuesday Weld"

"Bathtime in Clerkenwell" (2002). 3min 15 sec.
Animated Music Video

Jury Award for the Best Animation at Sundance Online Film Festival 2004, Prize "for the perfection of music and fantastic Imaginary" at Ottawa animated film festival 2004, Grand Jury Award for the best animated short at Florida Film Festival 2003,
The Best of Show Award from ASIFA-East 2003, Grand Prize from ASIFAWest, Prize for the best film in "applied animation" category at KROK 2003 (Russia-Ukraine), Diploma from IX Russian Festival of Animated Films, Best Animation at Boston Underground Film Festival, Third Prize at Film Fest New Heaven, official selection at Annecy 2003 (France) , Newport International Film Festival 2003, Resfest 2003, Sacramento film and music festival, Woodstock film festival, Hamptons International Film Festival, Northhampton Independent Film festival, New York Expo, Wiesbaden Film Festival (Germany), Cartoombria (Italy) , Black Nights international Film Festival (Estonia, Tallin), Tel-Aviv Festival for comics and animation, Anima Mundy (Brazil), Aspen Shortfest, Zagreb

This animation is based on Stephen Coates composition under the same title. This film is about The Great Revolution of the British Cuckoos, who bravely took over London, forcing all the people to move inside the cuckoo clocks.
Animation by Alex Budovsky
Music by "(The Real) Tuesday Weld"

"Return I will To Old Brazil" (4 minutes), 2004
This animated music film is based on the song Brazil (Baros and Russel) performed by The Real Tuesday Weld with Nick Phelps and Geert Chatrou. It is a story of a Brazilian monkey, who left his motherland and wants to come back.
Animation by Alex Budovsky
Music by The Real Tuesday Weld

Press Award at international animated film festival Krok 2004 (Russia), official selection at
1. Bradford International film Festival, (England),
2. Florida International Film Festival in Orlando, 2005,
3. Internatilonal Animated Film Festival Bimini, Riga, Latvia
4. Aspen Shortfest 2005
5. International Animated film Festival in Lill, (France)
6. Nashville International Film Festival (USA)

Two shorts made for HBO project "Classical Baby":

"Instrument Faces" (1 min. 15 sec.), 2004
Animated music short commissioned by MaGiC Studios, based on the piano piece by Villa Lobos. Target audience are children from 3 to 5 years old.

"Miro" (1 min. 23 sec.), 2004
Animated music short commissioned by MaGiC Studios, based on the piano piece by Bach. Target audience are children from 3 to 5 years old.

"Jukebox" (2 min 50 sec) 2006

This film is based on the song "Jukebox" and original drawings by Jim Avignon (aka Neoangin) from his album "Scratchbook". Animation unites Jims song and drawings into a visual story of a strange looking pig-like character, who is trying to get a song out of the broken Jukebox.

Diploma for the best music video at the international animation festival Bimini (Riga), Winner of the Best Music Clip at the 2007 DeReel Independent Film Festival (Australia).

Official selection at Woodstock film festival, St-Louis film festival, Anchorage International Film Festival, Three Rivers film festival, Philadelphia film festival, Tiburon International film festival, Red Shift film festival, Russian festival of animation in Suzdal, Sicaf (Korea), Festival of Animation "Reanimacja" (Check republic)

Music by Jim Avignon
Animation by Alex Budovsky

"Guitar Birds" (2007, 42 sec) - educational animated short for kids, commissioned by Sesame street

Music by Stephen Coates
Animation by Alex Budovsky

Five educational animations for little kids made for company Lililip: Dog (2007, 1 min. 14 sec.)
Cat (2007, 1 min. 6 sec.)
Frog (2007, 1 min. 4 sec)
Bird (2007, 1 min.12 sec.)
Fish (2007, 1 min. 8 sec.)

Music by Stephen Coates
Animation by Alex Budovsky
Illustrator/Designer: Richard Goldberg
Audio Producer: Scot Kirk
Research: Katherina Zinger
Writer/Director/Priducer: Ksenia Oustiougova

"Last Time in Clerkenweell" (2007, 3 min. 55 sec)
This film shows what happened to the Royal Legion of birds from "Bathtime in Clerkenwell" after they took over London and came to power. The Bird Empire expands beyond the Earth boundaries and falls under unexpected circumstances.

Awards: Best applied animation at the International Film Festival of Animation Bimini (Georgia, former USSR), Honorable Mention at Tribeca International Film Festival (New York, USA), "Excellence in Design" from ASIFA-East (New York, USA), Special Jury Prize at Seoul International Animation Film Festival (SICAF, Korea), Best Music Video at the Animation Block Party (New York, USA), Best animated clip at Tindirindis IFF (Vilnus, Latvia)

Official selection at: Florida IFF (Orlando, USA), Tiburon IFF (USA), Philadelphia international film festival (USA), South Side Film Festival (USA), Martha's Vineyard IFF (USA), Seattle IFF (USA), Aspen Shortfest (USA), Williamstoun Film Festival (USA), Russian animation film festival in Suzdal, Reanimacija Film Festival (Czech Republic), Animafest (Zagreb, Chroatia) , London IFF (UK), Edinburgh IFF (UK), Filmeri (Turkey), Brussels Festival du Court Metrage, Ourence International Film Festival (Spain), Sacramento Film and Music Film Festival, KINOFEST (Bucharest)

Animation by Alex Budovsky
Music by Stephen Coates

"Royal Nightmare" (2008, 3 min. 50 sec)
This animated short tells a story of an Evil King, whose life is turned into a nightmare by a pilgrim who constantly reappears by the Royal Tower and totally ignores The King.

Animated promos:
1. Animated promo for the (Young Creative Russians Online portfolio), 2003, 50 sec
2. Animated promo for the Red Shift Film Festival, 2003, 50 sec
3. Animated promo for The Real Tuesday Weld's 2003 live tour 2003, 50 sec
4. Animated promo for Krok International Film Festival (40 sec, 2005)
5. Animated intro to the documentary tv-series "Factory of Miracles", about Russian animation, 2006, 10 sec
6. Animated promo for Russian festival of Animation in Suzdal (21 sec, 2008)


1. Commercial for "Converse", 2004, 24 sec
2. Commercial campaign for energetic drink "Lucozade" in UK which included:
    Bird, 30 sec. Awards: Diploma from British Television Advertising Awards in 2005.
    Amoebas, 30 sec. Awards: Diploma from British Television Advertising Awards in 2005.
    Monkey, 10 sec
3. Commercial for Russian department of Greenpeace, 30 seconds, 2007