Welcome to my "music" page.

Years ago, when I did not know that I could animate, I used to play piano. When I moved to NYC I left my piano in Russia and bought very primitive Yamaha keyboard, on which I could record short pieces of music, no longer then a minute. I even managed to compose couple of soundtracks for my friends' student films using that simple toy. I did not have a computer back then, so if I needed to record a piece longer then a minute, I had to record two different pieces of music and splice them together, using an old double deck cassette recorder, covering the splice with ambient noises that were recorded through the microphone. Everything you will hear here was recovered from an old cassette, on which I assembled all the music I recorded between 1995 and 1998. I came up with a title for this "album" of mine, which is "Soundtracks to cartoons that were never made".

All of these pieces were written by me, except two famous tunes that I had fun with Ц "Free as a Bird" and a melody from the film "Black Cat/White Cat". I had no Idea how to call those short pieces so I just numbered them, (or gave them some stupid titles), except two waltzes that were composed for student films of my friends and a lullaby.

Sorry for the quality,
I know it' horrible, but this tape is almost ten years old.